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Data Recovery Services in Montclair, NJ
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Data Recovery Services

When the unthinkable happens—your computer crashes, your hard drive fails, or you just can't access your data—you need a solution you can count on. At NJ Metro PC Repairs, we understand how valuable your data is to you. Whether it's irreplaceable family photos or vital business files, our data recovery services are designed to give you peace of mind.

Different Data Loss Situations, One Trusted Partner

Not all data recovery cases are the same, but our commitment to retrieving your data is constant. Whether your computer won't boot up or your external hard drive is physically damaged, we evaluate each scenario uniquely to offer the best possible recovery solution.

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Type of Service Description Cost Success Rate
Standard Data Recovery If your device won't start but the hard drive is intact, we'll recover your data quickly at our standard hourly rate. Standard Hourly Rate High
Advanced Data Recovery For physically damaged drives, we recommend our trusted partners at Ontrack Data Recovery. Variable High