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Data Recovery Services in Montclair, NJ
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Data Recovery Services - 99.9% Success Rate

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Data Recovery Services In Montclair NJ

When the unthinkable happens—your computer crashes, your hard drive fails, or you just can't access your data—you need a solution you can count on. At NJ Metro PC Repairs, we understand how valuable your data is to you. Whether it's irreplaceable family photos or vital business files, our data recovery services are designed to give you peace of mind.

Different Data Loss Situations, One Trusted Partner

Not all data recovery cases are the same, but our commitment to retrieving your data is constant. Whether your computer won't boot up or your external hard drive is physically damaged, we evaluate each scenario uniquely to offer the best possible recovery solution.

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Data Recovery Cost

Data Recovery Prices

Type of Service Description Cost Success Rate
Standard Data Recovery If your device won't turn on, or is physically broken - but the hard drive is intact - we'll generally be able to recover your data on site, and quickly (within an hour). Standard $125 Hourly Rate Very High
Advanced Data Recovery For physically damaged drives, we recommend our trusted partners at Ontrack Data Recovery. Variable (Free Quote, Free Shipping Both Ways) High

Advanced Data Recovery Service (clean room data recoveries rather than on site data retrieval) FAQ

What types of storage devices can we recover data from?

We specialize in recovering data from a wide range of storage devices including hard drives, smartphones, tablets, USB drives, SSDs, floppy disks, optical media, backup tapes, RAID arrays, NAS devices, laptops, and desktops.

How much does our data recovery service cost?

Our pricing is based on the type of device and not on the capacity of data recovered. Basic pricing starts at $29 for camera cards. Our average price for hard drives is between $700 and $1,200, but could be as high as $4900 for complex RAID arrays. We offer volume discounts for businesses and customized quotes for unique situations.

What are common causes of data loss in hard drives?

Data loss can occur due to logical/mechanical failure, accidental deletion/formatting, water/fire damage, corrupted files or operating systems, malware/virus infections, electrical surges, or physically broken parts.

Is it possible to recover data after reinstalling Windows?

Yes, we have extensive experience in successfully recovering data even after Windows has been reinstalled or mobile devices have been reset to factory settings, using proprietary tools to extract data remnants from the drive.

What is the typical turnaround time for data recovery?

Turnaround times vary based on the device type, complexity, and current workloads. Basic cases may take 24-48 hours, while complex RAID recovery could take 5-7 days. We also offer emergency expedited service for urgent cases.

How can I initiate a data retrieval process with your company?

To start the data recovery process, call us at 973-936-0406. We provide a free evaluation and quote over the phone, along with a free shipping label to send your device to our U.S.-based data recovery lab. You can ship the storage drive alone or the entire device if preferred.

Do you offer remote SSD and HDD recovery services?

Yes, we offer remote data recovery services in situations where the data loss does not involve mechanical or physical damage. This is particularly useful for RAID, NAS, and SAN systems, large hardware, and highly sensitive data that must remain on-premises.

What happens if some data is unrecoverable during the hard drive repair process?

If certain specified data is unrecoverable, there will be no charge for our attempt. We explore all possible routes to data restoration, and if we cannot recover the specified data, we will return your device at no cost.

What payment methods and plans do you offer for your data retrieval services?

Payment is due upon completion of the data recovery, before shipping or pickup. We accept all major credit cards, and for approved corporations and government institutions, we offer purchase orders and NET terms. Additionally, we provide payment plan options through Affirm and PayPal.

What are your data recovery service plans and their respective turnaround times?

We offer various service plans: Priority (ASAP), Standard (1-2 business days), and Economy (5-7 business days; 10-14 days for smart devices). Our Standard Service offers the fastest turnaround in the industry, and we also have emergency services for urgent cases.